Advanced Diploma of Ministry

The Advanced Diploma of Ministry is a full-time program available at Banz, Port Moresby and Lae campuses. It combines a study of the text and theology of the Bible plus personal discipleship and ministry skills. The Advanced Diploma of Ministry provides a broad training of biblical and ministry competencies. Graduates from this program are expected to go into a variety of leadership positions in local churches and other Christian organisations or to take responsible roles within business or community, reflecting Christian values and integrity.

Following the PNG National Qualifications Framework, first year courses in the Advanced Diploma are taught at Level 5 and year two and three courses are taught at Level 6. All courses comply with national requirements for advanced diploma studies at this level. Students who have completed a Certificate in Bible and have a high level of English may be exempted the first year of the Advanced Diploma program.

The curriculum includes the following elements:

Spiritual Formation: Three courses are provided on spiritual life and discipleship supplemented by chapel services, cell group meetings and mentoring
Bible: The first year Bible course provides an overview of the Bible, its story line and main themes. In the following years the skill of interpreting the Bible is developed and applied to key books of the Bible.
Theology: Courses on various areas of theology are included to provide a clear presentation of Christian doctrine and church history.
Ministry: Courses on Christian ministries include principles and skills of ministry and supervised practical assignments. Students are also part of teams that have some weekend ministry each month.
General studies: The first year includes courses in English, Study Methods, computing and marriage and family.
8-Week Practicum: The final term of the second year is devoted to a practicum where students are assigned full-time to work in a local church.

The courses in the Advanced Diploma of Ministry are based on a credit point system, where 1 point equals 10 hours of learning. This will often comprise 4 hours in the class each week and 6 hours of personal study and ministry experience each week but the ratio can differ for some courses.

If you would like further information, download the Prospectus or contact the Registrar on this email address

The course structure for the Advanced Diploma of Ministry is shown below:

Short descriptions of each course are provided in section 9 of the Prospectus.