Certificate of Bible and Ministry (CBM)

The Certificate of Bible and Ministry is provided for wives or husbands of students who are not able to enter the diploma of degree programs.  The program is taught mainly in Tok Pisin.  Literacy training (Kisim Save) and Tok Pisin are available to all those who need it.

Both husband and wife are expected to so some training in Bible and ministry while they are at CLTC so that they can are confident and equipped to work together in future ministry.  Churches need both trained women and trained men to provide pastoral leadership.  Elective subjects are available to cater for the needs of both women and men in this program.

Students can complete one, two, three, four or five-year certificate programs depending on the duration of their time at CLTC.  Each year is 70 credits.  The Certificate is taught at level 4 according the PNG National Qualifications Framework.

The program delivers the following:

    1. A spiritual relationship with Jesus Christ to become mature in Christ.
    2. A balanced understanding of the Word of God and how to share it with others.
    3. Practical skills to enhance family life and assist in practical ministry activities.
    4. A strong family relationship so that the home becomes an example of Christian care and love to the church and the community.
    5. Peaceful living, promoting harmony within their own families and their neighbours.
    6. A concern for the task of world missions and the place of prayer in reaching unreached people groups.
    7. Good teaching skills appropriate for children’s, youth and women’s ministries in Melanesia.

The curriculum for the Certificate of Bible and Ministry is shown below:

Students complete two of these courses a term.  Each of these courses is 8 credits and involves about 5 hours of class a week plus personal study.

For more information, please contact the registrar at registrar@cltc.ac.pg.