Christian Leaders'

Training college

Banz Campus

Residential Campus, Located at Sigiri, 10 km West of Banz, Jiwaka Province

Facilities at Banz Campus

Training Facilities

CLTC is the servant of the churches of the South Pacific, training men and women for Christian ministry and leadership.

Library with 50k Books

Collectively our libraries have a total of over 50,000 books. The library currently subscribes to 25 journals and has 8K issues. There are books in Tok Pisin as well

Student Accomodation

Single students live in a communal household while married students are provided a house of their own consisting of one or more bedrooms.

Early Childhood Facilities

Our early childhood facilities provide a nurturing environment that supports the holistic development of children on campus

Health Clinic

Our clinic serves staff and students on Banz campus, and people from the surrounding communities.

Computer Labs

The computer labs ensure that the students have the resources they need to thrive in the age of digital technology.

Chapel Building

Students have weekly meetings with a cell group plus attendance at chapels, prayer meetings, and denominational groups.


A range of farming skills are taught including vegetables, rice, and poultry.Business skills are included in year two and three.


Get it touch with our representative
from Banz campus

Patricia Kambua | Admissions Officer


Papua New Guinea

PO Box 45 Banz, Jiwaka Province
Phone: 675 546 1001
Mobile: Digicel (+675) 7456 6529
Bmobile (+675) 7637 0309
Email: cltc@cltc.ac.pg; registrar@cltc.ac.pg

Email: bruceandretta@renich.org
New Zealand

PO Box 68208, Victoria St West, Auckland 1142 Russel Thorp
Mobile: +6421 481 088
Email: admin@ldl.org.nz

5 Burwood Hwy, Wantirna, VIC 3152
Phone: (03) 9881 7800
Email: cltc@mst.edu.au
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